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21 Day Cleanse

Spring and fall are a time of renewal for the environment and great seasons to cleanse our internal bodies as well.  Stress and toxins adversely affect the body and make it hard to maintain balance, putting tremendous strain on our body’s normal functions.  Detoxification can improve vitality and reduce toxic body burdens, increase energy levels, and revitalize your immune system.

Confused about the many detox diets and products from which to choose?  Some detox plans may be extreme or complicated! Allow us to introduce a plan to you that is safe and manageable.

At East Bay Natural Medicine we can introduce you to choices that will bring you on the path of optimal health.

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Dr. Mundeir to discuss the ins and outs of cleansing. Regain the balance you are looking for and feel invigorated in the process. Through this informative talk you will learn how to structure a Cleanse Diet plan to help transform your life and health.

You will learn how to support internal body cleansing with a focus on the liver – the organ that helps process and remove toxins.  The importance of healthy kidney function, and all processes of elimination will be discussed in detail.  Allow Dr. Mundeir to help guide you to achieve your goals of feeling your best, inside and out.

This 21-day Cleanse program will shift how you eat, think, and relate to your food, with  focus on a wholesome, organic, nutrient-rich diet that will help rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

The detoxifying effects of this gentle and well-organized program are especially beneficial for those experiencing allergies, inflammation, pain, immune problems, chronic fatigue, poor digestion, blood sugar abnormalities or other complaints.  It is also ideal for those who have no complaints but want to reach a new level of health.

This structured program includes:

  • 4 support group meetings
  • Complete diet plan & cleanse protocol
  • Detoxing supplement
  • Email/Phone communication with Dr. Mundeir throughout cleanse